We are working towards getting our shop open and I want to make sure we are starting off on the right foot by helping our employees clearly know and understand our policies and procedures of operation. I have an employee handbook and I am currently working on opening/shift change/closing checklists. There is one catch, however, we do not have a location nailed down yet to really be specific about particular procedures that may be unique to the location. 

So I currently have general procedures such as turn off the alarm (if there is one to turn off), begin batch brew, restock pastries, etc., for opening, and the rest of the checklists are similar in form. Would anyone be willing to share their checklists for these three areas of operation, including some of the particulars that they may not have initially thought to include, but after being in operation realized they were important? Thank you!

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Hi Danny, 

I know of a resource that might be helpful for you! My team and I travel around the world to help coffee businesses get off the ground running. We created digital downloads of fully customizable & templatized operations manuals, employee handbooks, and business plans. Let me know if you're interested & I can send you the link with a big discount :) 


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