this is something new
anybody runs it in bar?
need an opinion...
looks good
statistics spectacular...

! !
...for my spirit of coffee...

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please explain that temperature a bit closer...
I need info...
You mean 2 degrees bellow boiler tem. to get on groop or?
write me I need info, thanks...

Zan said:
Hi Domagoj

I 'm a man who are the fan of +4U . I using it in my shop and selling the P4U in Thailand too. It's the good machine but you have to set coffee water from 80 c and fine tuning up a little bit and check your coffee taste. Almost the group head I set in below than coffee water around 2-3 degree.


the group's and water boilers can be adjusted separatly and are PID controlled to ± 0,5 °C.

This in affect allows you to adjust the temps so that you can find the "sweet spot" for the coffee you are using, when you find the correct tempratures for your coffee the +4 will constanly deliver these tempratures and give you thermal stability in your product.

This maximum flexibility gives you the best solution for each coffee blend (Robusta, Arabica, different roast profiles require specific extraction temperatures for the best result in the cup).
Moreover, the double digital control (on the group and onthe water reservoir) grants temperature precision and stability.

increasing the group temp for example will affect the bitterness/acidity of the coffee.

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