So yesterday I was at my coffee shop purocaffing my steaming pitchers using hot americano water, and one slipped and poured down my arm. Hopefully it turns into a sweet scar as proof. Anyway, it got me wondering what the worst coffee shop injury is that you guys've had!

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Chase said:
Doing dishes. People put glass and whatever in the sink, just toss them in, so I filled it up with hot water. I reached into the sink to grab some dishes and instead grabbed a handful of hot sharp glass. Cut through my hand pretty bad. Went in with the left hand slowly to try and grab the glass -- bad idea, cut that hand too! my co-worker came in the back as I was covered in blood desperately trying to cover my hands in bandages. The cuts weren't very deep but they still give me the shivers when I think about it. It hurt!
I always forget about this one because it usually happens a couple times a year, but I've definitely had this happen a few times, it sure does suck!

oh, this is terrible Employees should give attention to their moves to avoid workplace violence.I suggest to see the doctor to cure it and have some medicine.Its worth getting payday loans to make you feel better.
Yeah I went straight to the hospital, and it only took like a week for it to look like brand new baby bottom.
I was talking over my shoulder and walked into the corner of the rack that had all the monin syrups on it....... Fell all over. Now that what I call a sticky situation.....
A week ago I sliced the tip of my finger off while trying to cut a frozen bagel. Shame on me. When I went to the ER they didn't do anything for my finger but they gave me a tetanus shot, and now I think I've contracted it. My arm still throbs after a week and I have to take pain killers 3 times a day so I can still work.
that sucks!! I had to get a tetanus shot when I went to the emergency room too, but I only had the dead arm for a couple of days.
this afternoon during a training session...Gravity bin spout to the forehead...
I was cleaning a head one day, had the screens off and accidently hit the button to run a shot and water came shooting at me. It felt like I got shot in the abdomin with a bullet. It turned black and blue, peeled and now I have a 2 in diameter scar. Seriously the most painful injury I've had other than getting the burns from steaming etc.
Was using a lever machine, trying out a nice rwanda over in our roastery, let go of the arm and it popped right back at me-nearly knocked out my eye. I had three stitches and a wicked bruise. I care a little less for that machine now.
Haha. I've used those machines before!! They're dangerous!
i have a nice star scar on my belly from a steam wand. he he he. why does the first customer in the morning always have to order a large half caff, hazel nutz latte extra extra hot. damn it man. I was still half asleep.

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