Alright so forgive me if this topic has already been started but, what are the three weirdest/coolest things someone has dropped into your tip cup? For me it was

1.Chuck E Cheese token
3. A small coin shaped piece of metal which had the outline of an angel on top. Above the angel it said "a guardian angel, sent to watch over you"

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so your shop isn't in prison......probably better that way.

John Fogleman said:
who tipped us weed? and what did you do with it?

-ive had, literally, the contents of someones pocket (a button, lint, random paper scraps, etc.)
-those stupid religious tracts that look like money, but when you see them and your hopes get up, you only come to find that you're a crappy person...buzzkill for sure.
-someone pumped syrup in our tip jar once. we had to wash all the money. and it smelled good.
-one time, this girl put a $20 bill in the jar, and my fellow barista and i were quite happy, until the girl came back up and said it was a mistake, took it out, and replaced it with a dollar. womp.

-one time someone tried to offer me cigarettes as currency to buy something. its not a tip jar story, but they actually thought it was a good idea and it would work. it didn't.

cavirett said:
1. Marijuana
2. foreign coinage
3. religious tracts
A note advising to wash behind my ears. Just last night.
We got a plastic penny last week, and we get tips thrown in the dog treat cup all the time.
Euros, Different Asian coins, south American coins, receipts, cigarette butts, a cigar, and arcade tokens
It would have to be a Old School NYC Subway Token.
Years ago I really got into looking for coins made out of silver.
Dimes, Quarters, Half dollars, Dollars from 1964 on down where
make of pure silver.
#1 - A used bandage - ewww...
#2 - An awesome earing - that I still occasionaly wear
#3 - Foreign currency - nothing too exciting
Oh yeah, and we occasionally get Chick-fillet free sandwich cards.
foreign money.
big bird figurine.
an apple.
guitar pick.
'round these parts people tend to throw in mexican pesos by mistake. although i also ended up with a chinese coin once. never got any strange or interesting objects though...
I've had sweaty dollars... and a phone number is probably the best thing...
1. Wind up plastic sushi
2. $100
3. Key and a note that said, "Bike is locked up outside, sorry to hear about your car." For a barista who's car had just broken down, but lived close enough to bike.
4. Lots of different CD's from local artists.
5. All sorts of candy... usually kinds I have never heard of before that are organic of vegan or something abnormal
6. We used to have someone put a religious tract in the tip jar EVERY SINGLE DAY. We finally asked the person to please stop and explained that at that point we had received enough for every barista to get at least 5 each and that we had started just throwing them away... BTW... I went to this person's church!
7. A "full" punch card from our shop... haha, as if we needed the free drink??

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