I'm very curious to know people's thoughts on the recent announcement that the Northwest Regional will be taking place at CoffeeFest in Seattle at the end of September.


It didn't strike me as giving people a lot of opportunity to prepare a great routine for regionals... BUT... it gives the NW regional finalists seven months of prep time for the nationals. That seems like a lot.


Additionally, coffees that are in season now, or will be peaking around CoffeeFest will likely not be in season by the time the USBC rolls around in April. Or at the very least, they will have faded significantly.


Is there precedent for this? Am I showing my ignorance of Barista Championship history by wondering about these things?

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Interesting? No, ridiculous. 7 months before the next USBC and drop the bomb on us now not even 6 months since the last NWRBC. Makes recoverying financially to send competitors again DAMN tough, let alone plan coffees and presentations.


Sure it's convenient for planners to schedule it concurrently with Coffee Fest in Seattle. But damn inconvenient for real life coffee businesses recovering from the expenses of competing less than 6 months ago.


Yeah, I'm pissed as an owner who had planned on sponsoring two competitors this time instead of one at a cost of over a Grand each. Less than two months away. What BS. I'm about fed up with this crap.

I think 8 weeks is plenty of time to prepare for regionals. I know plenty of people that have done it in less. Make a training schedule and stick to it and you'll do fine. Also it's a level playing field since everyone in the region get's the same notice. Besides if you win you'll have plenty of time to prepare for nationals.

I feel Mike's pain.  


Competing is expensive and time-consuming.  The only ROI most businesses will see is whatever staff value they get back from the baristas whose way they paid.  


Competitions, in my experience, never seem to be convenient or easy.  There is pretty much always some kind of a glitch that you have to look past if you want to have a positive experience.  I'm unable to look past a glitch so easily.  Either it's professional, or it isn't.  If it is, then do it right.  If it isn't, then what's the point?

Do it for fun, and nothing else.  

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