Hello techs,


I set up our new aurelia II volumetric and after doing a manual fill, we began test using it and the water level in the visible guage is getting lower and lower with each use. Isn't the water level supposed to stay in the max range?

Sorry for the dumb question I just have little experience on the tech side.


Thanks for any help.



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Depending on how the level probe is set, it should maintain water level below the max level, usually about halfway up the sightglass. Generally speaking boiler half to 2/3 full is right.

My SOP is to manual fill to the minimum level and then let the autofill handle the rest. I do this to verify autofill circuit function and fill level. What I look for is the autofill to start, run briefly, and then stop at a given level.

I believe that level adjustment is done by rotating the bent level probe on the boiler endcap slightly. That's how it's done on the original Aurelia anyway. The probe wire on the inside matches the angle on the outside.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Thanks Brady. Until I have a chance to figure out that adjustment to the level probe on the boiler, is it ok to manually fill up the boiler to that half way to 2/3 point on the sightglass?

Sorry I missed this. I suppose you could use the manual fill to maintain whatever level you'd like, but I'm not sure why you would on a brand new machine.

What level is the autofill attempting to maintain? If the sightglass is half full, don't sweat it.

Is the autofill system working ok? If the autofill isn't working, fix it while it's still under warranty.

I only wanted to do a manual fill until i am able to figure out how to make the adjustment you made me aware of earlier. I just didnt want the boiler to go dry.
It seems to be maintaining at the min. level. The auto refill does seems to be kicking in based on sound but it doesnt seem to kick in often enough or possibly long enough to raise the water level.
Sorry for a really late reply. We have the same machine and issue (new July 2012) and were told the rectangle in the back panel was cut out too high so it looks low but really isn't.

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