New tool for espresso machine maintenance. Looking for feedback!

Hey all,

I'm Nick, and I'm a barista. I'm also a mechanical engineer. The more I worked in coffee, the more I realized that some machines weren't being properly taken care of; so I decided to try and make a tool to help get baristas motivated to start taking better care of their equipment.

I worked up a prototype of something I called the Portakey. Some people seemed pretty amped on it, so I decided to try to take it to production. In order to do that I launched a Kickstarter.

I need to let everyone know that I'm not making a bunch of money off of this. At best I'll break even. If I am out of bounds on this board PLEASE let me know and I'll remove this post. I am only out to get feedback and see if people like what I'm trying to make.

You can check it out here with full images and the story:

Thanks for your time,


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I feel like there must be some more utility in this tool to be more attractive. It is holding the steam output, it's a screwdriver and it is a bottle opener....these are a few normal things. It can have a scale, a compass on it or anything that can attract. The more the things in one tool, the more it will be a winner.

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