Hey everyone,

I'm trying to build a coffee program and I have most of my equipment already.  I'm currently trying to figure out which type of scale to order for weighing out our beans for Fetco and french press.  What do you recommend?  And do you recommend a bean scale scoop as well?

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Any scale will do - just so long as you get the right capacity. 5 pounds is good. But if you're doing smaller increments, I prefer a 1 gram resolution. 2 gram resolution will work too.

Check out Penn Scale. That's the large size scale we use and I think they're great and affordable.
check out frieling.com
they've got great digital kitchen scales as well as amazing french presses.
If you want better pricing you can become a distributor. But if you don't want to mess with that, shoot me a message and I'll getcha a better price than their online store.
Honestly, one of the best places to find gram scales are 'head shops'. You can get steel ones that are easy to clean.
Best advice I can give is to get one that plugs into the wall. Replacing batteries is annoying, and you will go through them much faster than you think.

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