My new La Marzocco GB5 2grp Paddle came in yesterday. As with any new equipment delivery, I just couldn't wait to rip off the plastic wrap and pull the top of the box off so I would drool over the beauty of a new GB5! When I got to the portafilters, I pulled them out of the bubble wrap and noticed that they were different than the last ones we got with our GB5 3grp semi-auto just a few months back! The two main differences were that the spouts, which are newly designed themselves, now pop on and off with ease. They are held snug onto the portafilter by a rubber o-ring, with a notch cut out to align when popping on. This new design makes for easy and quick access for cleaning and scrubbing, which is pretty nice!


The portafilter also has a little "ledge" molded into the bottom of the front side of the body. The only thing I can guess is the it was added to keep the portafilter level or to keep it from slipping off the edge of the counter for those that set the portafilter on the edge while tamping. Has anyone else seen these new portafilters? Am I correct in my assumptions as to what the new features are intended for?


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Yes, and I hate these portafilters! We only use bottomless, but these come with new la marzocco machines, or at least they also come on the strada. The little spouts pop off really easily, so you better not be putting any pressure on them while tamping. They also are sometimes really hard to get back on once they pop off. It was really fun at "out of the box" Berkeley, Ca. Cause just about every barista there had to chase after the spouts after they shot off (including myself). So my recommendation is to bust out the drill, saw, or what ever and chop those things off!!!
Oh and where are my manners! Congratulations on the new machine!!!! The Gb5 is awesome, id take it any day over the Strada!!! I didn't even know they made a paddle version.(oh and yes that little ledge is apparently where the pressure from tamp is suppose to travel threw)
Interesting.  My new semi auto GB5 is gonna be coming in about 3 weeks! I can't wait.

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