I might be opening a new shop with a drive thru. I do know that with a drive thru speed is the main word. Anyone have a standard shop set up for the drive thru that works well? We have a Gb 5 for the shop but I would like another espresso machine for the drive thru if warranted. I am thinking a Mazzer Mini and and a single group machine. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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I would not go the the mini, it is just too slow. If you are going to have a second machine go ahead and get the bigger Mazzer.
Having a backup machine is always a good idea. The whole thing depends on workflow. I would also maybe think about going to E-roburr mazzers and just speeding up shot prep as much as possible. We run about 40% of our daily busness through our drive thru. I'd be willing to take a lok at your plans and talk to you a little about work flow and making sure you can staff lean so you make some money.

i agree with both of the posts above me. having a back up is totally a rad idea, but i also agree that you're better off getting a bigger machine instead of only using the mazzer mini.

i've worked at a few cafes that have had drive-thrus and i found that about 35% of the business from these shops were due to drive-thru traffic (in one instance it was actually 55% and mainly clients with commutes or limited lunch hours).

good luck!

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