Wanted to show the new chalkboard menu we made for Mugs Cafe in Little Rock. What do you think?

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Some pricing seems out of whack to me. $2 for ~4oz micro-foamed milk? That's the difference between a double shot and a cappuccino. Both double shot priced too low and cappuccino a bit high IMO. Latte same price as cap'? What size latte? Even if just an 8oz it takes more milk than a cap' and we price 25c higher. $2 for a pourover coffee? Way too labor intensive for that price.

I'll ignore the pricing issues, since I did not get the impression you were asking about that. In regard to the board itself I think it's very good. Easy to read, and the overall layout makes it easy to find what you're looking for. And I like how you have your brand neatly centered, with an easy to read URL below that. But neither interferes with the primary purpose of the board. It's actually amazing how few cafes get this right. Good job.

Thanks for the complements. We just make the chalkboard menus, we do not have any input in the pricing or menu items.

ArtFX Design Studios .com

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