I am in the market for a one/two barrel sample roaster.  I am hoping for a gas powered roaster with cast iron drums.  Please let me know if you have any leads!

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Aren't we all... :)

Found a Primo one barrel setup for propane on Craigslist and the same one listed on Ebay. My bid didn't make the the Reserve:( which is probably the same they're asking on Craigslist and right now can't afford $2900.
I don't get why these things are so freaking expensive, there's nothing to them. Someone could make a killing selling sample roasters for less than $2000. Gotta be a way to manufacture a simple one for less than $700.

got to pay the lawyers insurace company and UL labs etc..

You think one would be able to get around some of this stuff if they were to sell the roaster as a partial kit (say... just the drum, burner and other specialized parts) to be put together and not as a finished machine?  There would be plans and a part list included and it would be up to the purchaser to buy the motors and electronic components from another supplier.  Just a thought.

Tom Dove said:

got to pay the lawyers insurace company and UL labs etc..

Quest M3 is an reasonable option. 

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