I'm preparing a road trip with some of my friends from Columbus to Nashville at the end of this month.  I'm wondering if any BX'ers are out there and willing to give me a heads up on some good spots in and between the cities to find some awesome local coffee.

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Awesome! I think we are taking 75 south down to nashville, I haven't been to Nashville in almost three years so I forget the exact route.. but thanks! this will make a good road trip pit stop!

Well.... Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY have great stops. I used to live in Nashville and would drive from there to Cincinnati almost every weekend.  I would recommend taking the following interstate routs: 75, 71, 264, 65.  In my experience this is the fastest way.


All of the locations below are very good.  I like some more than others, but each location I tend to frequent since I like to go to different places and every place has its own nice qualities. There are more locations you could try, but these are the places I go, these are the places with the best espresso IMO.  * = How much I like them


DownTown =

  **** Coffee Emporium (110 East Central Parkway, Cincinnati)

  ***   Taza (2900 Jefferson Avenue, Cincinnati) [UC Campus]

  ***   Rohs Street Cafe (245 West McMillan Street, Cincinnati) [UC Campus]

  **     Tazza Mia  (441 Vine Street, Cincinnati)

  ***   Park+Vine "vegan" (1202 Main Street, Cincinnati)

Florence KY =

  **** Windmill Coffee (7220 Burlington Pike, Florence, KY 41042) Easy Parking


Louisville KY =

  *** Heine Brothers Coffee (3060 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205)

I would say its been at least 3 years since I had Heine Brothers.     They seemed good at the time, but my tastes and companies quality do change.


Mathew thanks man!, sadly Cinci is only about an hour away from Dayton so I'm looking for something more halfway.. ( picky, i know lol ) but Tazza Mia on Vine is superb! I had the pleasure of talking to the barista's for a few hours one day and absolutely enjoyed the way they convey their shop.  I'm going to check out Heine Bro's most likely.. Thanks a lot!

I don't live in Louisville so there may be some better places out there, but I always would stop at Heine because it was on the way.    You should really check out Windmill in Florence KY.  Its worth the extra Caffiene


I'll take your word on it! I'm starting to plot our destinations and maybe stopping at the dinosaur land this will be perfect


I've never been, but I've met several of the guys from Bongo Java in Nashville at regional events and suspect they'd be worth a visit. I feel like there's another big player there who's name escapes me at present.


PS - if you are in Louisville, you should really hit Sunergos. Great micro roaster with 2 company stores there. Their roastery is really close to an awesome donut shop too, whose name I can't recall at present (gosh, I'm helpful tonight). Nice people, good coffee.


Nothing against Heine Bros, though... which is a decent (if somewhat large) local chain.

Some guys from Crema in Nashville visited us here in Paris. They should have a good cup there.


I have to so say that Quill's in Louisville was the best that we visited.  I'm heading out to LA in a week.. Does anyone know of some good shops out there by chance?
Where all did you visit?

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