After a year and a half on my beloved Diedrich IR-3 the time has come to move up to a larger roaster and sell the IR-3, oxidizer and stack. I bought the roaster from Jon at Cultiva Coffee and we both treated her well, now she needs a new home.

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Hey Darren;
Would you send me the details to:
Thanks again!
YO! Let me know where that little beauty ends up! Ironically, I'm sitting in Minneapolis tonight, close to where that IR-3 originally came from. I'd be thrilled to be able to follow that one. find an ir-12 ?
Hey Jon, I found an IR-12 and afterburner out here in Washington at a nice price. I'll miss the 3 but I'll be glad for the increased capacity. Now, where the heck am I going to put this thing? (Sound familiar?)
could you send me any info that you care to share. actual times of a med. roast real lbs of finished roast, and your asking price
Is this still available?? If so, please send the details to Thanks a lot!!
I may have a buyer for your roaster. Please contact me at
How much are you asking for it?
Shoot an email to and I'll get you the details. Thanks

Joseph Plaugher said:
How much are you asking for it?
Nice roaster! Is this still available?? please send the details to
do you still have roaster ir3 for sale how much
Thanks for the inquiry, it has just been sold.
do you still have the IR-3? what is your asking price?

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