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I am working in Hospitality Industry in Vietnam and desperately could like to set up my own business within Mobile Expresso Van chain or Cart door to door Expresso, or even looking for any coffee brand could like to enter to Vietnam market( recently there are already ILY Italian coffee) but still lots of opportunities in Vietnam. Anyone have any suggestions about Mobile Expresso Cart/Van? then i could be very appreciated.

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Before the community eats you alive, I would remove the "X" from espresso. in answer to your question, most baristas here would recommend staying as local to your area as possible.  If there are existing independent shops, some of them would probably love having someone else run their mobile side for them. Ask around, get a solid foundation in coffee knowledge, and try to build good connections with local shops.  As I am unaware of the coffee culture of Vietnam, these tips may be difficult to use in your area, but you will usually have greater luck finding independent shops in big cities

:) Thank you very much Madison for your significant suggestion! That is such a great idea that to build great connections with local shops. Coffee culture in Vietnam is such a huge thing, only the way they make is coffee filter + Condense milk+ little water in small cup= Vietnamese coffee, everyone could make but Espresso!

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