So a while back, our shop got a negative review on yelp that really stuck with me for some reason. the poster was bothered by the fact that for our iced flavored drinks, we mix the sauces and espresso together in a Pyrex, then transferred it to the finished cup.
My question is: how do you guys mix your iced mocha style drinks?
Our sauces (Torani Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel) are too thick to stir into the iced milk without combining them with espresso first, so I don't know if there's a preferred method or if we just can't please everyone.

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What was the basis of their complaint? Taste? If not, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. If you believe the taste of your mixed ice drinks is as good as it can/should be with this method of preparation, then don't worry about it. If you think a change of procedure would improve your drink quality, then do it.As for our shop, we do something similar. For our sauces, we put them in a measuring shot glass and extract the espresso directly onto that. For a simple sugar syrup, we just put the syrup directly into the milk/ice, followed by the espresso.

On the other hand, maybe your problem is making your preparation technique too visible to the customer.

That is most likely the issue. The front of our machine faces the customers, and every step is clearly visible. Not only that, but it means we have our back to the customers as we make drinks.
Did they leave a reference of comparison to a superior method? If not, I wouldn't take offense to it. That's the freshest way of doing it via super saturation that I know of. That's how we roll at our place. Alternately, you could blend dry ingredient with the cold milk...but there still rests the problem of cooling the espresso.

We used a mixing glass with graduations printed on the side. Same concept as the pyrex measuring cup, but looked a little more like you were getting a drink from a liquor bar and less like you were making pancakes ;). They sell some pretty nice pint sized ones at various online places (like this). We found a larger plastic one that accommodated our largest size and used it. We'd add sauces first, espresso next, then milk, then ice. Shaking is a nice touch, though I found that 20+ good fast stirs and straining over fresh ice were sufficient and less time consuming. Rinse all implements and reset for the next drink. Just like a liquor bar.

Perhaps there was some other aspect of this pyrex vessel that a customer might find unappealing? Was there possibly a cleanliness issue, real or perceived?

They also could just be completely nuts. It's always nice to look into comments like this to see if there's something that should be addressed. Once you've completed this and are happy with what you're doing try not to worry to much about it.

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