Anyone know of a dispenser system? I'm looking for either a soda type gun or something like a beer tap to mount on top of the bar so we can eliminate baristas bending over to get milk from an under counter fridge. I know Intelly is useing something like this is it commercially available.

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Jason- Don't get me wrong. I think it's more than just "doable." It certainly can be done. But you'll have to piecemeal the components and make them work together.

Think of the modern day soda fountain that pulls syrup from a five gallon plastic bag and mixes it with carbonated water. But the problem with those is that they don't use stainless components and most certainly will turn rancid unless your staff is absolutely fanatical about cleaning and sanitizing - and even then I don't think they will be able to eliminate the rancidty of milk being stuck in places that were designed for high-sugar content syrup (with inhibits bacterial growth) than room temperature milk (which spoils incredibly rapidly).

Keeping everything clean and below 40F is paramount.
Wouldn't a glycol system eliminate the temperature problem? This is what bars use to keep the beer cold to the tap. They aren't cheap, but I think that would solve the temperature problem... I really don't know, I could be totally wrong.

Glycol will certainly work - the difficult question in my mind is keeping all of the components and lines clean. And if your staff will adhere to the level of cleanliness and sanitation required to prevent contamination of your milk supply and the potential infection of your customers.

Im starting on this project of milk on tap. Im going to use wine as my guideline on doing this


Ill let you know how it goes



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