The mid-west... you know... That empty space between all of the cool things like oceans and mountains and stuff... Anyway,... believe it or not we are here and love great coffee. We are ready to refine our skills and battle it out. Please show your love and support for us! Come and join us! Compete out of region with us! Judge! Volunteer! Send us good barista vibes!! It is hard being out here and we would love to have some encouragement. Yeah, yeah, yeah,... the Western Region is cool and all. Sure, the Northwest has that tight coffee community thing going. The Great Lakes are great and all. The South and South West are OOOoooozing with hospitality. Atlantic and Northeast are so trendy and hip. No, I haven't forgotten the Southeast and Mountain Regions. But, someone has been forgotten,... OH!! It's the MIDWEST!! Not really. We do get lots of love, and we appreciate it deeply. If you'd like to give us even more, Oct.30-Nov.1 are the dates that you can do that. More info. coming to I hope to see you ALL there. You can post your encouragement here on this discussion board. But, I'd rather hear it in person at the event!!

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a real pleasure to see...all finalists represented...great for everyone to witness midwest skills, knowledge, and creativity...thanks for bringing it.
Ice n Coal
Thanks man! Much longer drive, but more time to prepare and get my finances in order!

Jonathan Aldrich said:
arkansas is in the south central region with TX, OK and LA. The regional is in Austin in January.

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