Hi all, 


I just had to post after reading and seeing all the talent and intelligence on the boards. My issue is a difficult diagnoses over a forum, but any help is appreciated. 


The company I work for has a Mazzer Robur E they bought last year as a trail grinder, in hopes to implement them in our 2 shops.  Long story short, I took it home, cleaned it out, plugged it in and hit grind. Shockingly after a hour of trying to dial it in. It was grinding a 20g in 9.6 seconds at best...  Also, the grinds where warm. Even after letting it sit a minute or 2 apart.


I know how great these grinders are and had the chance to play with one at intelgensia's lab in NYC. 9.6 seconds is not even close to what there capable of or what theres was producing... After talking with my boss, he said he had the same results hence why it has been collecting dust on our parts shelf... 


This leaves me with 2 conclusions. One, I am pulling a noob and if someone would be nice enough to walk me through a set by step on how to dial in this beauty. I would be very thankful. Two, this grinder unfortunately was manufacture defect or damaged in shipping.  Where would be the best place to get this fixed in the (NJ/NYC) area? Or is there something I can do my self to diagnose? I am a bit mechanically inclined or I like to think so. 


Thank you in advance for your replies. I look forward to adding what knowledge I have to barista exchanging! 




P.S. I should have mentioned that when adjusting the grinder. The grinder adjustment ring took a little mussel and took 3 to 3.5 times to where I could begin dialing in.  I was think stripped threads on the adjustment ring....:(


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You should try what terry said and report back. I verified today that the roburs I use grind 19 grams of coffee in 2.9 seconds. They have the static screen in tact.

The screen may be the problem. It really depends on the environment that the grinder is in. I have seen this many times, and removal of the screen usually resolves it. The clicking sound can be created when coffee is being held back by the screen.

If you grind up a rock or nail, the grinding chamber can get gouged, causing the lower burr carrier to strike the rough spot in the grinding chamber, making a clicking sound. Removal of the lower burr carrier is a good idea, to make sure you find all the damage.. If you find a spot where the carrier is rubbing, try to determine what the cause was, smooth out the spot with a file and sand paper, until you are satisfied with the clearance.


Apply a food safe lubricant to the threads of the adjustment ring, to help with the adjustment. When you remove the ring, be sure to remove all debris from the threads of both the adjustment ring and the grinding chamber.


I can't thank you enough for your comments. I am excited to try taking out the gaurd and will be doing this tomorrow! I bealieve this could be the issue after reading your comment. Also, i was using a very full city roast when running these tests. Thanks again and will be posting back tomorrow!


Here is a update. 


I took the screen out and thoroughly re-cleaned thee machine. Taking out the screen helped a little 8.8 seconds, very surprised...

I clocked the RPM of the machine 528 Rotations Per Minute, which is over Mazzer Specs, But it wasn't under a load when I clocked it.

with that, I am stumped, so I email mazzer telling them the whole story. I am in correspondence with Luca from mazzer now.  I just want to grind and experience the mazzers we all know and love.. The one I have never has and never will do that, unless mazzer helps..


Can't thank you guys enough for all your time and advice. Keep you updated.



Thanks for the update.   Did the grinder ever grind as fast as its suppose to? Do you have access to a normal running rubur?

My mazzer is still not grinding correctly, even with the screen out..

a small update, Luca from mazzer told me to run 5 lbs of white rice through it. I think his intention in telling me to do this to accomplish what Brady suggested, break in the burs.

Either way it, seems he is going to make sure I'm taken care of.  


I will be sure to post the end results. 


thanks again,



Dustin DeMers said:

Thanks for the update.   Did the grinder ever grind as fast as its suppose to? Do you have access to a normal running rubur?

Did Luca say to run 5 pounds of white rice, or minute rice threw the grinder? Minute rice is partially cooked and softer. I know this because i was trying to clean out one of my hand grinders with normal rice and it was damn near impossible to grind, after looking into it further i realized people were talking about minute rice. Obviously hand grinders and roburs are way different, but id still be worried if it were me.

Yeah, use Minute Rice.  No-one ever uses white rice.  

Here is a copy of his email. I will be doing this wednesday and let you know the results!


thanks peach


Please do the last test : grind 5 pounds of uncooked white rice. that should increase the grinding speed. 

Best regards,
Luca Maccatrozzo 
export manager 

I would respond to his email and ask for clarification.  Minute Rice or raw white rice?  

I can clarify for Luca. Use uncooked white rice as he states. What you are attempting to do is remove the edge of the new burrs. Check out this link created by our shop in London.




As mentioned in the Blog Post, the use of Lava Rocks appears to be a regional thing, as there are different grades of lava rock, and apparently hardness. The clay seems to work well.


I think that if the burr trick does not fix the problem, that there is more to it, than a simple fix. I have worked on and sold hundreds of these units, and have seen most of the issues. There have been a few stubborn ones out there for sure. Last ditch effort would be to return it for inspection. If you bought it from us, that would be my next suggestion.


Not ure how much help I can be but owning 2 brand-new Robur e's in the past I can verify that the grind time does come down considerably after around 30 pounds of coffee. I think mine started out at around 5 or 6 seconds for a 19 gram double before eventually settling at around 4 seconds.How did the rice suggestion from Mazzer work?

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