Mazzer Kony mysteriously started grinding more slowly?

As of the past week or so, our main espresso grinder (Mazzer Kony) has been grinding significantly slower than usual - not due to normal grind adjustment. I took it apart and cleaned everything yesterday, put it back together, dialed it back it - no difference. The grinder has worked great and sufficiently fast for the past 2 years with no issues. Has anyone else experienced this with their grinder or know of a possible solution? Also, our espresso has remained the same, so that can't be it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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May seem obvious, but how sharp are the burrs? We've got a Mahlkonig K60 that has demonstrated a similar issue on the most heavily used side. We took it apart and detailed it and replaced the burrs and still were having the same issue. It saw heavy cafe use for almost five years and I think it's just plain tired. We've since replaced it and it's adorning our parts shelf now. I believe it's possible to wear out those motors, but I'd be awfully disappointed if it's only two years old.
check the electrical connection as well...if still no go, don't spend a bundle on a new one...find a starter or alternator repair shop, or call around to some local machine shops. Ask about having the motor may have to disassemble down to the motor and take it by a shop, but it may just need rewinding, or to have some something in there replaced...A friend of mine had this done with his drill press and it works like new...
does it have a cap in it? sometimes cap/condensers die
Thanks for the ideas. I think I'm going to start troubleshooting by replacing the burrs. Probably about time anyway. I let you all know if that fixes the problem. Thanks again!

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