Hey all, first time posting, so hope you guys can help me out with this. 

I'm opening a second shop in DC.  I could afford a small space near the Metro.  There's plenty of traffic, high visibility, I'm confident that my product will kill, but the space is SMALL (<500 sqft).  I've seen this work in NY, places with high density population, but there's not many places around here that function solely as a high-end "coffee bar." 

Like I said, there's plenty of commuting traffic - the folks that are taking the Metro - and I want to encourage people to come in and take a drink to work, rather than wait until they get to their destination and get their drink there.  Metro doesn't allow food or drink.  I've looked at many good travel mugs - klean kanteen being our top choice - that are leak-proof and insulated but also pretty pricey. 

The issue is making sure that people feel that it's OK to get coffee in a reusable mug - that we'll probably have to retail for $20+.  I want to emphasize the low impact, quality of the mugs.  We've put out surveys and a lot of people have answered that they want to use reusable mugs but they forget. 

Have you ever heard of people "renting" reusable mugs?  Or storing people's cups for them?  I feel like something like this kind of service plus deals when using the mug (free coffee a week/discounts).  This way we emphasize community, low-impact, and have people never forget their cups and home. 

I would appreciate your feedback!


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Hi Javier,

We did something similar to this at a weekly farmers market. Where it was rent the mug for what ever it was retailing at and get a free coffee brewed in it. then the customer could return the mug at anytime and get their money back or not and they would have a nice resuable coffee mug. people seemed to really like the idea. now our prices for the mugs were much cheaper and also we were giving coffee away. but i feel like it still might work if you were trying to use it to turn profit instead of using it as a marketing strategy. 

my two cents.


Thanks Eric.  

We're finding a good solution. 

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