So about a year ago, my cafe started "French Press on Tap" (and it tag-teams with our standard drip coffee until mid-afternoon, when we brew it on demand) and many of our customers fell in love with the press and its ability to bring out all of the best qualities of the coffee bean. 


We are now ready to explore...the pour over bar! (dun-dun-DUNH! *insert far-off scream*) So I'm interested in hearing what some of you are doing and how you are making this work and sustainable at your cafes


Basic things I'm researching:

* what type of brewer

* roaster-designed brew bar or special-designed bar

* paper or sock(!) filter

* suggested grams to water ratio

* scale or no scale

* Hario Kettle or good ol' water kettle

* water tower or "hot plate"


And of course I want to hear the good stuff!:

* the joys & pains

* the highs & lows

* the challenges of profitability, training, labor, demand, etc.


Any information you can provide is grately appreciated! thx! nate

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It really does make a difference in taste and once again you're not throwing away filter upon filter by using one. Thanks for the reply Alice. 

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