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Who's making the run out to Providence in October for MANE? I'll be there, I'm especially looking forward to the Sprudge panel on innovating retail concepts, as well as James' Hoffman's keynote address. 

If you haven't heard of it, MANE = Mid-Atlantic / North East Artisan Coffee Conference, it takes place every October in Providence, RI, and it is possibly the greatest coffee gathering in all the world. At only $100 to attend, it's 3 full days of educational and social programming. Totally worth it, guys. If you have a friend and a van, you all should get to Providence. 

Here's a link: http://manecoffee.com/

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Hey! It will be great to see you there! I am looking forward to hearing about the economic impact of microlot coffees directly from those involved. 

I'm going and looking forward to it.

Yeah! It's such a great event - Jim, I'm pretty jealous! The "Buying the Mountain" panel, on microlots, is the same time slot as the Barista Competition panel I'm moderating. I'm bummed about that - when else will I get a chance to hear the pros and cons of microlot sales from producers?

Simon, I had to make some tough choices on classes! However, I am really interested in the economics of small scale farming and worker's rights/treatment, so went in that direction. There are several other classes that I had to pretty much flip a coin to decide. In any case, it will be great to spend three days over-caffeinated (more than normal), and geeking out.

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