so i made a pourover bar from scratch, i figured i'd pass along the know-how.

you'll need:
2'x4" piece of wood, half an inch to an inch thick (i used red oak)
four 6" table legs (the ones with the screws on the end)
a 2 3/4" hole saw drill bit
four toilet tank rubber o-ring gaskets (the L-beveled ones)
some good varnish
4 large beehouse drippers

take the plank, drill four 2 3/4" holes at equal intervals along its length.
drill holes at the corners that will fit the leg screws, and attach
varnish it
gorilla glue the gaskets to the top of the holes
put the drippers on and you're set. the drippers won't move because the rubber of the gaskets holds them in, but you just lift off to clean.


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Nice! I have been putting off making one for a while. This one is nice and simple, the o-rings are a great idea!
Man, that looks nice. Thanks for posting the pictures and instructions. I think I've got a new project for this weekend.
Your post was inspiring... and I finally got mine done. I learned a lot from some mistakes I made, and I'm actually looking forward to making the second one.
Nathanael that looks awesome, nice touch with the metal bars on the side.
very nice looking grats!
That's a kickass diy project.  well done!

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