Hey Guys,
Don't you hate it when people order their drinks "extra hot" ?

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I think it all comes down to what the grand vision for the shop is.  There's a place in the world for "have it your way" and for "we don't do that here." As long as you're meeting your bottom line, the decision should default to the vision and not to what makes everybody happy.

Erik Hefta said:

I have a customer that consistently orders a large hazelnut latte at 210 degrees.  As much as I would love to educate and get this lady to understand she has been ordering the same drink for years and my owner runs under the "let people drink and order what they like their coffee to be".  I understand that to an extent but when it ruins the drink (literally) it is very hard to make.  I have gotten the milk to 210 just once... no aeration at all, and a larger pitcher than would normally be needed so that the milk would not scorch my hand if it exploded.


Another idea is that the customer wants it ex. hot just so that the temp lasts longer.  This allows them to drink longer.  I don't agree with ex. hot at the slightest.  

Wow... rebirthing a thread from 2009 that should have died in 2009...



yes. i fucking hate that. especially because I live in Florida, and it is August, and people are insane. Plus, I think the heat destroys a lot of a good drinks qualities. It definitly ruins all of my cappuccinos art.

Daniel Lodewyk said:
my favourite is a customer with a thermometer.  That is a special experience.

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