Just wanted to ask a few questions about the newer Mahlkonig grinders and advancements in espresso grinding technology.

1) Is anybody using either the K30 Air or PEAK grinders at their espresso bar?

2) Has there been in hard documentation on the effects cooling the grinding process and better flavor extraction?

3) Are there any other espresso grinder companies besides Mahlkonig that are producing grinders with the air cooling technology?

4) Are there any other recent advancements in grinding quality besides air cooling and burr size?

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Hey, Brett!  The Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Clima-Pro does have a cooling fan.  If you're not familiar, check out a write-up from when it first came out. http://sprudge.com/nuova-simonelli-clima-pro-grinder-46084.html

Thanks Jen!  I guess I noticed the Mythos for sale on a few webstores, but the look and cost of it drove me away from checking it out.

The video introduction on this page really helps explain the theory behind the temp contorted grinders. For me, however, the proof is in the taste in the cup. https://prima-coffee.com/equipment/nuova-simonelli/mythos-one

Doing a taste test comparison between a temp and non-temp controlled grinder would helpful to see if it really makes that much of a difference in practical cafe use.

We've got a couple of Mythos grinders in our training lab, as well as some Compaks and Mazzers, but we don't generally make enough coffee at a time to facilitate that kind of testing.  It would be super interesting, though!

sounds sweet... would love to taste test the differences between them

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