Hey everyone!
I'm a passionate barista/o (whatever) from Minneapolis, MN with two year experience behind the bar in a very fast paced shop on the U of M campus. I just found myself relocated to Madison, WI, and can't seem to find a shop to call home here. Early feedback on my resume from one potential employer was that I'm "too focused on the quality of coffee." But hey, that's what I do! Anyone know of any shops down here that might be looking for a talented, young baristo who's dedicated not only to the cup but to the business as well? Any help would be appreciated, as my search so far has been less than fruitful. Help me find a home!

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Did you check into Just Coffee off of Willy Street? They're a roaster, but they might point you in the a good direction. (I'm from Wis. originally, but now live in Santa Fe and work with Coffee Kids). Good luck!
Hey Matt,

I live in Milwaukee, but I make it up to Madison fairly often. Check out Bradbury's. It's on Hamilton pretty close to the Capital. They're rocking a Synesso and do mostly organic and local foods and what not. Keep us posted with where you end up. Take care and good luck!

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