Anyone has tried Luwak Coffee? Thoughts? =D

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I think most people in the coffee industry find Luwak more hype than anything else. Jack Groot from JP's Coffee is actually doing a Kopi Luwak challenge where he will have experts cup the Kopi Luwak against other coffees.    Article here 

Flat and one-dimensional. I've had it on several occasions from different sources.

Interesting article, mike!
Thanks Jay! I actually have yet to try, can't get passed the fact that it came out from somewhere :)

Tried it.  Not worth the hype.  I feel most people try or drink it for bragging rights.  It tasted smooth but definitely not better than most other coffees I drink.  Anyone to pay that type of money for coffee is clearly doing it for image, in my opinion.  If you want to treat yourself to some fancy coffee, go for Kona, although I feel much easier and less expensive coffees still can taste better.

Nothing extraordinary about it. Just wanted to know what the buzz is all about. 

The buzz is probably from the flies flying around it ;)

You should read this article, it's very interesting: 

You might want to look at the industry the craze has spawned before getting too excited about it.

At first I was really curious about the sivet or luwak thing, the hype made it really popular. But discovered there isn't much difference on a regular 100% arabica. Also I've red from a source that there was a blind cupper test that they've conducted comparing both the beans, luwak and non luwak. No difference was tasted. Just plain overexaggeration on it's source which is you know.....

Hi Olivia. I haven't tried it yet. But most of my friends told me Luwak isn't that great, plus, too expensive.

I noticed many of the people here aren't very interested in luwak (civet) coffee, but I may beg to differ. The civet coffee I tried was actually quite good! Has a nice smooth feel to it. Although it may be a little bit overhyped, I still think it's qulaity is very good.

Was it any better than other comparably-priced quality coffees you've tasted?  At the price-point, *any* coffee should have a nice smooth feel to it and a pleasant taste.

Are you aware of the ethical considerations?

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