I'm roasting on my Diedrich IR 12 and I can't seem to get the bottom out temperature above 170, no matter what I do.

Today with a 21# batch I upped the drop temp to 460 and had almost full gas (6 WC) for the first minute until backing off a bit, and I was still in the high 160s. ...Anyone else find a way to get the bottom out temperature up closer to 180 ish. I feel like the hill to climb from 165 is too steep.

Air has been through the Cooling Bin in the early stages of the roast.

Any suggestions? 




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I had similar problems with an IR24 several years ago. Two things I noticed: the probe reads VERY different temps with an empty drum depending on the airflow control position, and the IR burners are VERY slow to respond. If you let your temp drop far enough below your desired charge temp, you can go to full heat for a minute or so before starting your roast, catching your target temp while temperatures are climbing, so that the burners are really putting out their maximum heat when the roast starts. This felt wrong to me when I first tried it, but helped a lot in terms of getting the roast profile I wanted. Sorry for the long, wordy explanation. Hope it helps - assuming you're not already doing what I described.

Of course, the other answer is to just accept that many (most?) Diedrich roasters are under-powered for their claimed capacities and roast much smaller batches. Even with all my trickery, I couldn't roast more than about 30lbs the way I wanted on a roaster designed for 50+.

Either way, good luck!

How long are you warming up your roaster before attempting this roast? Is it your first roast of the day? Until the thermal mass of the entire roaster comes up to sufficient temp I cannot hit my turn goals for faster roasts. 

both are good suggestions. I've been playing around with going into the bean drop with the gas on and it is helping...it's annoying having to drop back down to 400, only to ramp back up to 440 ish...

As for a better warm up, that is a good point. My issues with low bottom temps are on all roasts. I usually like to let it warm up slowly and fully.

Overall, I think it's just a matter of being ok with and learning to live with a slower dry.

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