We're taking over a takeaway coffeebar in Belgium.
It seems a very good idea to have coffeecups to go with our logo on it.
Would you guys have a good & cheap suppliersource for things like this? Idealy in Europe or with fast/cheap shipping?

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We went through this about six months ago we are part of a small chain of 26 stores and we found a paper company to print and floor stack our cups. We where told we had to buy at least 12 cases a week chain wide for them to floor stack the cups for us
for one shop, it's almost impossible to buy custom-printed cups because you have to order so many (as far as i know). just buy a stamp and stamp your own cups, that's what most places do
you could also go the sticker route which often looks nicer than stamps, but can be pricier.black & white is obviously cheaper than color.
This is Karthikeyan from India. I can supply you cheap & quality paper products from India. Pls come up with your product specifications like size, qty, gsm, Double/single wall, single/multi colour & others in detail which help us in rising a nominal quote for the same.

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