Looking for free online mentor for starting up drive-thru coffee


I am somewhat green in trying to start up a drive-thru coffee business, not having any knowledege of bookkeeping, legal issues, inventory, etc. I want someone who's been successful in operating a coffee drive-thru business to help walk me thru the do's & don'ts of all the facets required to open coffee drive-thru and make it successful.  Is there a succesful person or persons out there willing to take on this challenge? I'm open for ALL comments to each of the questions I submit.

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As a business owner post is somewhat insulting. "I want" for "free" someone to be my business consultant. Good luck.
I have several years experience with opening up drive-thrus throughout the country...BUT, time is money, and time AND knowledge is even more money.  Best of luck.
As your roaster we would happily consult for free, with a three year supply contract.

So, you expect people here to provide their hard won knowledge and expertise "for free"?  


Are you on the SCAA Board of Directors, by chance?

I would said that you should read everything that you can. find a roaster and look at what others have did and contact your helth dept. No one will be a consultant for FREE!!!

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