Hey all,

I've looked all over the site and I'm having a hard time turning up training videos and materials.

I'm specifically looking for videos on pulling espresso shots and how to identify/correct problems with shot pulling.

Any recommendations?



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Hi Lisa... I've actually been doing a lot of this myself lately.  Sparing you the details, here's what I've done:


I think that contacting the SCAA might be a good option (specifically the BGA), to try and get a few of their handouts.  I found a couple worthwhile (milk steaming in particular).  As for the actual shot pulling, I try to do as much hands on as possible and really try to get them talking about it- under/over extraction... and writing down their notes with my guidance.  I've also written a lot of little "cheat sheets" for things to hand out as well.


Hope that helps!

If you look to the right side of this screen, you'll find an ad for the ABC. Click it, then click on their store tab any you'll find quite a few great training books and DVDs.

I know there have been several discussions here on this subject as well, just not recently. Try searching on "training material" using the search feature and wading through those results to see what people have found helpful.

If you're talking about free videos of extractions, you might have to wade through the espresso porn posted up on youtube, etc. HomeBarista also seems to have lots of user-submitted videos kicking around. I do think Johnny's comment about using hands-on and real-world demo's is right on though - that gives you the tasting opportunity too.

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