Looking for a person to Service a Dietrich IR 12 - KNOW OF ANYONE in the tri state area?

Blew the Thermo controller and now we are missing the program.  Called manufacturer but they don't have it.  Looking for someone who may be able to help.  The thremo controller (fuji) apparently controlled gas too. 


Needing help! 


Watergap Coffee Co.


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Most well stocked commercial heating and cooling suppliers have parts for the IR-12. Grainger also has many of the parts. You may have to cross reference and get the part from a different manufacturer.



I got the temp controller .  The problem according to Dietrich is that the Fugi Digital temp controller replaces the one in the machine is not  pre-programmed to run the roaster.  They say it may not be able to interface with the A200 Maxitrol to control the gas regulator.  We are studying  the pdf's now.  Looking for a backup plan. 

So deidrich didn't have the parts to service their own machines and were unable to put you in contact with a local source to repair your unit?

Not exactly,  I have a very special machine.  It was one of 12 that had a specific pre-programmed  controller in it.  We were talked through what the replacement was, we were given info on the type of thermocouple was, but they did not have the exact program that was in the controller.  They gave us similar programming form another machine and didn't charge a thing!  Diedrich  is a great organization. 

That's good to hear. I am in the market for an IR-12 myself.

Glad your machine got fixed!

I love my machine.  Had an IR 3 before this.  Wish I still had it!  It is a very easy machine to work with and roasts consistently.  I recommend them.

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