I use Linea AV machines with stock LM diffuser screens and have an ongoing problem with the screens (after about a week from new) allowing water to travel between the diffuser and screen and basically leak out around the edges. This occurs with the screw being snug. I would appreciate advise on the cause and solutions to this annoying problem. Thanks.

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That's pretty unusual.  Maybe you'll be better served calling the guys at La Marzocco International in Seattle and telling them about your problem?  I haven't heard of that problem before but am interested to find out!

I have seen this issue at our cafe as well. I usually put it off to overdosing the portafilters, then the coffee putting too much pressure on the screen changes the slight bow in the screen. Also making the screw too tight does this as well. You could check these out too, they seem pretty cool, although expensive.

Hey Paul.

From my experience it's a pretty regular occurence with Lineas.

What we do every night during the breakdown of the machine we hold the screen in our cupped hand so it sits firmly between the fleshy part at the base of our thumb and somewhere around the bottom knuckles of our fiungers and then we take the rubber-handled stubby screwdriver we use for the diffuser screw and carefully - but with force - tap the centre of the screen from the inside (the side that sits on the grouphead).  One or two raps and it has an appropriate angle again. 

We do switch out our screens pretty regularly because although this solves the wrong-angle problem it also weakens the screens.



Thank you for your replies. La Marzocco tech support also says the cause is too large of an espresso dose, plus expansion during brewing which pushes upward on the screen. We use a 19 gram dose in a standard, LM double filter basket.

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