We have a track lighting assembly over our roaster with spot lights illuminating all of the key areas of coffee travel.  Cooling tray, dump area, and of course sample/trier zone.  We've always used GE reveal full spectrum lamps to help maintain consistent light color that we can trust for roasting color development.

With the imminent extinction of incandescent light bulbs, it has me thinking about new style lamps.  

Does anyone have a preferred color temperature for lighting over your roaster?  The GE bulbs we use are fairly warm, and they call them full spectrum.  Full spectrum doesn't seem to mean much other than marketing with the manufacturer however.  We tried a 5000k led lamp recently and it was way to white.  The coffee looked pail and washed out. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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My thoughts are simple. I'll continue using the GE Reveal until such time as they are no longer available. Have more important issues to deal with day to day than the some day possible demise of the incandescenct light bulb!

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