Hi All! Our cafe just opened, and we decided to go with an Astoria Gloria Lever-driven espresso machine. While she's very sleek and very sexy, we have many questions about just how much control we have over several aspects of extraction. So far, it seems that all we can do is adjust the water temperature, which is now correct. For one, can you change the amount of water that is dispensed? Surely you must have the option of long and short shots. I mean, the machine came with a single shot portafilter insert, as well as two doubles. As it is, our shots fall just short of the white line on the shot glass, which I believe is for a 1 1/2 oz. shot. Maybe a longer pre-infusion? Also, I'm having a very hard time finding the sweet spot with the steaming wand pressure. It's either not enough, or it's spinning the milk out of control, making a pitcher full of sudsy-looking mess, and making me look like a clumsy fool in front of our customers!! I'm sure this will come with practice, but any advice would be helpful. Also, any links to discussions, etc., on Lever-driven machines are greatly and humbly appreciated! Cheers!

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I have an Astoria Gloria AL2. It is definitely different but I absolutely love it. Some things.
Best case, dream shot I get 1.5oz in a shot. That hasn’t really been a problem with my milk coffee ratios especially on 12 oz drinks.
The only real control I have is through adjusting my dose and grind.
Make sure your distribution and tamp ar dialed in because you’ve got to make the most of every drop of water. Use a naked portafilter to observe your technique.
This machine has less pressure and less water than an automatic. Because of this is picks up different flavors. You get less bitterness and over-roasting tastes and more of the earlier flavors. I’ve found that oily beans have some amazing flavors that don’t get killed by this machine like they do in others. Work on your recipe, try different beans than you love in your other machines, and dial in your technique and I think you’ll love this machine.
Also pre-infusion time as mentioned above. I haven’t gotten more volume out of the fellini method. I think this machine has a valve that doesn’t let more water into the head until the spring is fully returned. A second infusion is possible but I haven’t gotten a better result from doing that. Just make the 1.5 oz you get awesome.

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