We currently offer Reg Barber tampers to our wholesale customers but I have found a few that just don't want to spend the money. I know how important a good tamper and all of our cafes have Reg Barber tampers, so I'm not looking to get into a debate about the importance of a good tamper. Does anyone know of a decent less expensive tamper? I'm thinking in the $20 to 30 dollar range. Thanks for your help.

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You not going to find anything comparable to the quality of Reg in that price range... but there are some decent cheap tampers on the market:

-Anything by Bumper in my experience works well. Both the rubber and metal handled series run about $40 each. You can get these at Espresso Parts.

-Sweet Maria's has a few decent offerings. The first being a stainless steel model that has a real nice heft to it, the second being a rosewood Reg knockoff. I've used both, and while I would never trade my RB for one, they are nice tampers for the price. I think these are around $35.

- Finally, Rattleware has some cheaper models. They look solid, but I haven't actually used any of them so I can't tell you firsthand how nice they really are. These retail for about $29.

Hope this helps!
Rattleware's tampers are in the price range and are pretty nice for the money.
Expressivo of Sweden makes a tamper called the "barista" It is around $40 and I prefer it to a RB.
Schomer's Vivace Ergo tampers. They're only available in slightly convex, and while they don't have the heft of stainless steel piston models, they're durable and feel good in the hand. Personally, I prefer them to the Reg Barbers a little bit, even.
I like the Rattleware tamper I've been using for the past year. It is stainless, decent heft, with a lightly grippy black coating on the handle. This has worn off a bit where I tap the portafilter, but not badly. Utilitarian, but very functional.

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