I hope others have encountered this kind of problem with the LM Strada steam wands. If anyone can provide some insight to how this can be resolved, I would greatly appreciate the help.

The steam wand (right side) on our LM Strada has been leaking slightly for a couple of weeks. The steam assembly is relatively new; I built and installed it in Sept 2020, so I don't believe the steam assembly has failed. 

When the steam lever is in the off position steam can be felt escaping the wand tip which eventually condenses into droplets that end up leaking into the drip tray. So it looks like that steam wand is never really fully off. There are no visible leaks along the steam assembly or any of the piping between the wand and the steam boiler.

Additionally, I figured we could turn off the ball valve at the steam boiler until we could figure out how to prevent the leak, but after cutting the steam feed I noticed steam still leaks from the wand tip - so no change in predicament really.

This would tell me the issue lies with the ball valve at the steam boiler (at least). Does this also mean this issue is beyond a minor maintenance task and requires a technician to assess?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Robin C.

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