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Buying a lightly used with modified steam wand used for demonstrations. The quality of these I have a couple times tested, though those too were used. It pulls great shots, but I'm wondering if it will hold up in the long run? Am I looking forward to a lifetime of maintenance and parts buying, and constant re-calibration, or a lax smooth run with great shots every tamp? I plan on Clean Expressing it every day.

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Don't have personal experience with that particular machine E-61 HX but do with many prosumer machines in it's class. Should be a solid machine. However, you do not want to detergent backflush daily. This will prematurely wear out the 3-way valve cam eventually leading to 3-way not opening at all. Backflush with water only after every session (be it one or a dozen pulls) and detergent backflush weekly to monthly. Exceptions would be after entertaining heavy use.. The more often you detergent backflush the faster the rod that rides on the cam will wear out. FWIW relatively easy to replace. Other wear points are the 4 lever rubber gaskets/bushings. Eventually it'll develop a drip where the lever assembly enters the group. Again, they're relatively easy routine maintenance items. Be sure and have food grade lube for the replacements. Seems like I replace mine 'bout every 12-18 months.

So yes you'll be looking forward to a lifetime of maintenance. Same can be said for every espresso machine made...
I plan on enjoying constant and heavy use. More than 40 pulls a day, in most particular likeliness. I'm getting this machine to practice for barista competitions. The maintenance shouldn't be to much of my worry as my boss specializes in refurbishing and calibrating espresso machines.
for a competitive price get a 110 astoria if it breaks the parts will be easier to get i think they are like 1200
they are quite attractive machines and work well. i know a place in Vancouver where they have them in stock and can get you parts. I personally prefer our machines but some people are attracted to the look of the butterfly. ECM is the company www.ecm.bc.ca 604 291 6363

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