Anyone have/use these models before or how about your opinions on La Pavoni and Iberital, in general... I am looking at purchasing new and am also wondering about parts and their accessibility. I am in California. Thanks~

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As a tech, I would advise you to stay away from Pavoni. Poor quality, cheap components and fuggly. If its a price issue, by used instead.

What are your needs? Setting up a new bar? Replacing existing equipment?

I've had my shop 7 years and it was lost in a fire 2 months ago. Total loss. I am reopening in a new building and have just signed my lease and will be starting construction soon. Having always "made do" with what equipment I had was fine, starting from scratch is overwhelming.....  My estimated volume from the prior shop is somewhere around 250 shots a day. We had an Astra, 3 years old and I had already replaced the pump (and heat exchange, I think, too). Our shop has used the same roaster since inception (2000) until my husband started roasting 1 1.5 years ago. Now we just do our espresso thru the original roaster and some green beans. She is a distributor for the Iberital so is recommending that and otherwise I am on my own as far as advise from trusted sources. My shop is a 7 day, 12 hour a day community hub with a strong local following and heavy tourism in the summer (Yosemite National Park). Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it :0)

I've never seen Iberital, but looking at the website it doesn't look promising.  Another HX machine with some electronics.  

My recommendation would be La Marzocco.  But it depends on if someone is available to service them.   

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