being so careless i hurt my right hand, that's the hand i dose, tamp, pull shots, and do a million of other things with. Today was the first day i had to work with my injury, and i try to do everything with the left hand, i was very slow at the begging but started to pick it up more and more. i pull ok shots and steam perfect milk, and pour latte art too, so i was happy for that. Well does anybody have any suggestions of using your non-dominant hand? either for bar, working the shop or things you do in your daily life or any good stories?

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Maybe just run the register, and do other things that don't require your dominant hand. Interesting though about using your non-dominant hand, though. I'll try it and see how well I do.
Sorry, but I wish I could help. I'm ambidextrous and though I understand the idea of the dominant side, I don't feel it.

Well, I guess I do, a bit, because there are certain things which I'll always use my right for, like holding a knife or a file, and there are certain things I'll always use my left for, like holding a fork or a portafilter; for everything else I pretty much use which ever seems logical.

But, a good friend of mine who is a technician also once hurt his right hand and was unable to work for weeks. The pain of not being able to work was worse than his actual pain.

Hey, I feel for you.
I feel your pain, between skiing and scooting I always seem to have a sprained wrist of some nature... I havent found much of a good way to avoid using it. Good luck.

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