My wife and I are heading to the big island for a two week vacation starting next weekend. I'll be roasting via a ceramic seed roaster and camp stove on the balcony during our stay. My plan is for us to visit one of the nicer Kona farms for a tour and I'm going to want to buy some green Kona as soon as we get there. I'm assuming that the most interesting coffee farm tour on the island is most likely not the farm that will provide the best green.( Điện hoa hà nội)

So, I'm looking for advice as to which farm will provide the most enjoyable tour and then which one will be able to sell me the best green Kona. I've tried googling every which way for green reviews but haven't had much luck. It appears that every farm's advertisement say they're the best so they've all got to be the best, right?

Please respond so we don't have to drink questionable quality Kona!

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You should consult with farmers, maybe they'll give you the best advice.

Quả óc chó giá rẻ

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