Ran across this in Gizmodo, thought it was interesting. After a few hours, I can't get it off my mind, and find myself wondering if this might not work in our downtown. A few tweaks to match my demographic...

Anybody know these guys? Love the idea of brewing whatever they are digging at the moment...nobody more passionate than a barista with a new fave coffee.

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Love the concept. Gotta say though, those beheaded Chemexes kinda weird me out.
Yeah, Brady, me too. I wonder why they chose that route? The filtration, familiarity? Because surely one could accomplish as much with the V60, or the Clever. I know it's not exactly the same, and perhaps that is the one else has beheaded Chemexes. But now my brain is on auto-design, attempting to visualize and design a single trailer cart....Fun stuff!
Is this just a poor over bar or am I missing something? Jared R posted a how to build your own on here a while back.
Jarred Hoffpauir said:
Is this just a poor over bar or am I missing something? Jared R posted a how to build your own on here a while back.

Check out the link that Derryl posted. It is a mobile stand based pretty much on a pair of bicycle rickshaws. Its all gas and hand powered. The detail pics are mostly of the drip rig and stuff.

Neat stuff.
I met these guys a couple weeks ago and made a short video about them for my blog ( They are really cool guys who just wanted to combine their passion for bikes and coffee.

They've been received really well in NY and it's a great model to introduce people to a variety of local roasters in unsuspecting places, like the park or farmer's markets. The idea seems like it could be replicated fairly easily, though the coffee cart—which they designed and manufactured themselves—is a key element to its success.
idea is awesome, except for the lengthy PIA getting a mobile food vendors permit in nyc...

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