Hey all, River Road Coffeehouse in Granville, OH, will be hosting a pretty low-key jam Monday, February 9, in the evening. The focus will be primarily latte art with some espresso techniques. We'll be ripping shots of Ritual's current SweetTooth offering, Intelly's BC, and our own Armando's (from Crimson Cup).

We'll be using a 3 group NS Aurelia with a competition steam tip, and NS MDX grinders, so if you're competing at Millrock or the GLRBC, feel free to stop by.

More info (time and directions) to come soon...



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If only it wasn't a 7 hour drive. Hope you guys have fun
Alright, for any interested, we'll be starting around 3 pm, and going for a few hours. Feel free to bring beverages, and keep in mind that The Wine Cache, the wine store behind us, hosts "Sushi Monday" starting at 5pm. Seriously good sushi flown in that day and no corkage fee on wines. I'm sure more than a few of us will make our way over afterwards.

Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Granville&state=OH&addres...
I'll be there for sure! Can't wait for some sushi & 'spro. Should be a great monday hangout.

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