Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello!

I'm Theo Chan, a specialty coffee lover from Boston, MA.  I have tried over 1,000 different specialty coffee roasts, mostly pourover and espresso.  My story:

In 2015, I attended a tech conference where George Howell was the main speaker. Following his presentation, he conducted a detailed one-hour workshop on coffee cupping. As a restaurant manager and wine expert, I found his insights strikingly similar to wine tasting. Coffee, I realized, could express just as much complexity as wine, prompting me to explore specialty coffees from around the world and delve deeply into their nuanced flavors.

My other passion lies in fostering consumer transparency through review websites. One evening, while sifting through my old coffee tasting notes looking for a memorable Gesha I once enjoyed, I wondered if I could merge my two interests. 

Do I consider myself a coffee expert? I've conversed with many fellow coffee enthusiasts who think I have a talent for spotting exceptional coffees, though I wouldn't claim to be more than that. My website is crafted from this perspective—a platform for coffee lovers to exchange views.

CoffeeRoast.com is my overgrown coffee review blog. I keep track and review every coffee I drink here.

I created the site for users like myself who meticulously document, assess, and compare their coffee experiences. I've noticed that generic e-commerce review systems need to satisfy true coffee lovers; even the darkest, cheapest bulk coffee might receive high ratings like 4.7 stars on Amazon.

At home, our coffee consumption varies widely. My wife enjoys her cappuccinos, lattes, cold brews, and iced Americanos, while I prefer pourover, espressos, and using a Moka pot. Previously, I even worked at a company obsessed with pourover coffee, where we'd consume five bags of beans weekly alongside a keg of cold brew.

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