So I'm just looking for some enlightenment on the whole topic. Not trying to glorify instant coffee because to be quite honest, I have no desire to try it. Especially the Sbucks stuff.

My room mate recently bought it. I didn't care because I expected instant coffee to be...ugh.
Now he raves about it. Claiming for instant coffee it isn't bad.

I asked him how it works and he showed me. Hot water and then you pour the grinds from the package into the cup of hot water. Seems like a smart marketing move especially in an economy like ours.

People (some not all) seem to think cutting corners like buying Instant coffee will save them money. Which that is probably true but I don't think you can replicate good coffee at a cheap price.

ANYWAYS how the heck does this instant coffee work? The grinds dissolve in the water...what the eff...thats weird. Can someone explain this? My room mate was trying to tell me that it's "Arabica beans" but I told him thats not anything new.

Thanks guys

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Yeah, they still there's instant espresso, too...look for it near the "International Coffee Select" or whatever its called. And just in case you're wondering, it IS awful but if you're stuck, it works in a pinch, esp. for latte with sugar or mocha where you're not really getting the subtle notes, anyway.

Brady said:
Nathan Lyle Black said:
Instant caramel macchiatos?

Brady said:
january vawter said:
It's what they drink in hell.

Aw, no more caramel macchiatos?

Did they used to sell those at the grocery store in little red and white rectangular cans... "International Coffees" or something?
Have you guys tried that Nescafé Green blend yet? I don't know if it's already available in America. I googled it but didn't get any definite response. So, they add green beans to the blend and claim that it has 70% more antioxidants than green tea. Well, I tried and I'd rather drink 70% more green tea every day than another cuo of that.

Brady said:
Brady said:
If you need caffeine, have no coffeemaker, but can boil water, just drink tea.
cup, I mean
Instant Carmel Macchiatos...

Whata we on

I was at a Sbux yesterday. Seems to be the only place open late back at home(centerville ohio).
I asked for a small coffee and the girl corrected me saying "so a tall coffee"

But at least I didn't pay for it. They had to brew a fresh batch to which I replied "as long as it's almost fresh"

I'll probably try some insta sbux soon just to see what I'm missing out on.
Thanks for the analysis Brady

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