I'm buying a 3-5 kilo roaster.. propane. I have questions.

I am in the process of buying a 3 kilo USRC roaster with profiling control. I thought I would throw the ball out there and see if anyone is selling a used model that they have decided to let go.

A 3 kilo will more than fit the bill for my requirements. I would however consider a 5 kilo if the opportunity arose.

If anyone has experience with fitting and installing roasters, I am installing it in a shop in the UK. I am concerned about the positive pressure that the roasting environment creates and how high my roof penetration will have to be and with what stack I should use.

I am going to hire a company that deals in woodburning stoves, flues and chimneys to install it. Is this typically what is done in the US?

My other main concern is that I don't have natural gas running to the shop so propane will be my next best option. I don't think I'll be able to keep my tanks on the street outside in the open (I'll have to check) and I know I can't keep them inside.. what other options are there for using and storing propane. I will consider underground. Can anyone explain what was done if they have ever used an underground tank?

How large will my tank need to be and how often will I need to refill it with a 3 kilo running 4-5 hours a day? Are there volume meters on the tanks?


I have plenty of questions and I'm also looking for a comprehensive resource to answer many of them, does anyone have suggestions on where to learn more about roasting and roasters? I have roast magazine marked down as a must buy. Any recommendations on which years to purchase or if their are free articles online?






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Best advice I can give is to second the Roast Magazine idea. Here is where they sell back issues and also cds with full years worth of issues on them.





First of all I have two roasters with profiling for sale. Please check out my ad under the heading of Ambex. Each roaster manufacturer has their own set of exhaust directions. Most brands warn against too long a run thus creating additional back pressure on the roasting system. This topic is best decided with the help of the manufacturer. In my case I was required to run double walled insulated exhaust pipe in the building and able to switch to single walled once outside. In my area licensed HVAC contractors seem to do this type of work. You need someone that understands a positive pressure exhaust system. Both of my roasters run on NG but can be converted to propane. In another business many years ago, I had a buried propane tank but it my understanding that they are no longer buried owed to safety concerns. I hope this helps a bit.


Those small twenty pound tanks, which hold approximately 4 US gallons of propane, will easily consistently do 45 batches (and not be 100% empty) with my USRC 3k.

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