I'm in the process of starting up my first drive through coffee shop and can't pick a name for the life of me. I was hoping I could get some feed back from you folks. The coffee shop location is located in a rural area in Charleston, SC.   The names I like are already taken, so here are a few that we are considering: Southern Grind, SoCa Coffee, Yoloco Coffee (short for "Your Local") Lowcounty Espresso, Lowcountry Grounds, Southern Bellespresso,  Southern Brew.


Any thoughts or suggestion.

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Southern Bellespresso like that or southern java, java southern

Thanks for your feedback.

I just thought of another coffee name,  Saucered and Blown.   It a southern saying that refers to ones coffee being saucered and blown so that it is not to hot to drink.  Is this stretching it a bit?

Buzzing Bean

not bad I like it


Where abouts in Charleston (I live in West Ashley).

I was going to name my shop Buzzing Bean. I had visions of coffee beans that looked like bumble bees. We decided on Cozy Kup since our space is so cozy :)

Yuppy Crack

Zippy Mornings


Cafe Celeste

hop to it espresso (could work in a whole spring angle since it's almost spring)

well, actually, you might want to be sure to be ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT from any other coffee shop out there. Know that you can't copyright regular words like hop, grounds, etc. I learned that the hard way when I opened my bakery Sugar, there were NO other bakeries in Seattle with sugar in the name, then poof, 4 appeared, and there was nothing I could do about it. I still get customers coming in thinking I'm someone else, and there's nothing that pisses me off more.

so think of names like Kodak, Starbucks

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