On Monday, our roaster caught on fire while we were roasting in the cafe.  It wasn't in the drum, it was an exhaust fan failure.  But we had evacuated the cafe, the fire department came, we had to close the shop and do a lot of serious cleanup.  Bad news for us as we roast all our coffee in the shop. 

The good news is the the guys at Kaldi's Coffee in St. Louis are awesome!  We called some of our friends there and they expressed that they were heartbroken for us.  Furthermore, the other roaster in the shop and I went down with our green on Tuesday and they were more than gracious.  They gave us a tour of their great facility, allowed us to roast enough coffee on their roasters to last us a couple weeks until the roaster gets fixed, took us out to lunch, and we had a great time! 

I cannot express my thanks to them enough.  They are simply great people and I want to make sure they get the props they deserve. That is part of the beauty of this industry, and that's why I'm proud to be a part of it.

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Agreed, super props to Kaldi's. They'll have my business when I'm in St Louis!
It's like sportsmanship. You compete with one another on the field, and drink together afterward. Being friendly doesn't hurt business one bit.

Cheers, and a tip of the hat to Kaldi's Heroes!
thanks for posting daniel... I had intended to but you beat me to it! I am so glad to be part of an industry where there is love for your fellow worker. I would like to extend my gratitude as well to kaldi coffee! We love you guys so much and appreciate all the help you have provided not only in this instance but all the encouragement you have provided along the way with our roasting endeavors! You are an amazing bunch! :)
This just rules.
Daniel, Scott, Drew, Deanna and Ty (and all the rest at Copper River,)

Thanks so much for the warm words , I'm sure I speak for Joe, Mike, Tyler, Drew and the rest of the crew when I say it was our pleasure to help out and hang out with you guys last week.

The thing we dig about the culture in The Midwest(er...uh...South Central) is the hospitality and connection that we get to have with others both in the industry and across the counter. You all have given that same sort of warmth to us every time various members of our "herd" have come through your doors.

Copper River is aces in our book.


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