So, I keep several different brew methods at my house but I need a good burr grinder so that i can grind as I need instead of having to grind an entire bag of coffee for each method. I don't want to have to spend a ton on anything really fancy just something that will let me grind from turkish to french press. Any ideas??

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hario hand grinder: affordable, kick ass, and you get a workout
Another vote for the OE Pharos, with honorable mention to the Porlex hand grinders. Both cost more than the Hario grinders, but both also throw those pieces of garbage out of the water. 

Hand grinders perform well for coarser grinds like press pots, but can be really time consuming for espresso' make that consideration before dropping a couple hundred on a hand grinder.

The Baratza Virtuoso is quite adequate for about 2 bills, but never tried a turkish on one...does well for espresso though.


Man, in 5 hours 2 people beapt me in saying the pharos by orphan espresso. I don't own one, mainly because I own 5 other grinders. But if I were to recommend one, it would defiantly be this.
These are all great but i was looking for something with a lot of felxability per different settings. Nothing super heavy duty just something that will get the job done well... also, It is just a starter grinder. one to get me started with grinding at home. Not necessarily an espresso grinder but just a grinder. if that makes any sense at all...

Just a starter grinder. After quality beans, the grinder is the most important part of the brewing equation, any brewing method. Agree the Baratza grinder line does a good job for home.

ok, when I say started grinder I just mean something that is reasonable yet efficent. not a 3000 dollar machine...
Unless you want a giant super market style Bunn or Grindmaster, Baratza should work great.  I use one for my french press and every now and then for espresso.  I just hate that the timer knob is always falling off.

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